The Toughest Mud You'll Ever Love

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JUNE 20th



           XMR created a race / challenge that changed the whole concept of running. We want our event to encourage and challenge you to get out and do something that may not be, your everyday life style. We want to motivate you to get off the couch and get outside to do something healthy. Maybe it’s walking, jogging, running, rollerblading or maybe it’s shooting some hoops with your family. Whatever it is that one chooses, we want it to give the feeling of accomplishment.
Running is a sport, and by some considered to be a very dull and boring sport. By others it’s the next best thing, next to sliced bread. Whatever opinion you may have, ask yourself this, “What if I had to climb, crawl, jump, tread water, and get MUDDY?” Mmmmm! How would that affect the daily grind of running? We believe it changes the whole concept into an adventure. Yes, that’s right! An ADVENTURE!
So the questions is simple, are you Xtreme? Yes, No, Not really sure! No problem, our challenge course is designed to create an exciting, safe experience for both the physically fit and the not so physically fit. Any person or participant can be challenged as much or as little as one would choose. Keep in mind all participants will compete at different levels and speeds including a combination of running, jogging and walking.
Keeping the concept of fun and adventure, we also wanted to stress safety. (No one wants to go home injured) That’s why our course has been designed to accommodate all types of athletes. By limiting the number of participants in each race wave it will eliminate congestion while running and waiting in lines at obstacles. We want your experience to be Xtreme but comfortable. You will be able to run our course with your family, friends and/or co-workers without feeling like you are running on top of each other.
This IS and WILL be the, “Toughest Mud You’ll Ever Love”!

Race Details - Q's and A's

XMR Event Waves:

Adults: Sat - 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00

Jr Muck: Sat - 12:15, 1:15, 2:15

Mini Muck: Sat - 12:15, 1:15, 2:15


NOTE:  If you are planning on running our 13 Mile CLUB 247, you need to register for either the 9:00, 9:30, or 10:00 wave as this grueling course will take trained athletes between 6 and 8 hours especially when running as a group.

Rules & Guidelines

These are intended to create a family fun and safe event for both participants and spectators.

  • Participants must abide by all rules and instructions given from the event director, staff, volunteers, medical and law enforcement personnel.
  • Participants understand and acknowledge Xtreme Muck Ruck is an extreme and challenging event and accept all risks associated with the event.
  • Participants must be 5-8 years old to participate in the Mini-Muck or 9-13 years of age to participate in the Junior-Muck or 14 years-old or older on race day in order to participate in the Xtreme Muck Ruck.  All persons 17 years of age or younger MUST have guardian or parent with them upon sign in.
  • Xtreme Muck Ruck will have videographers and photographers stationed along the course. Participants agree to allow the event producer Timberland Marketing and Consultants Incorporated to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.
  • Participants or spectators are not allowed to use motorized vehicles such as 4x4, ATV, Dirt bikes etc. during this event. (Event staff and Emergency vehicles do not apply)
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed "on" the course.
  • Any participant found not following the rules set forth will be escorted from the event premises without refund.

Camping and RV's:

Gather your friends, family and co-workers. Pack your tent, load your RV, pack your sleeping bags, camping chairs, ice down your coolers, grab your sun lotion and get ready to enjoy an amazing weekend under the open skies.

During the day you will run our course, play in the mud, eat and drink amazing food, and listen to music. At night it’s time to gather your friends, share your stories, laugh with your fellow mud racers, make new friends and share an ice cold drink all while enjoying the XMR blazing fire. Make this the most XTREME weekend that you will have all summer.

XMR weekend Camping Package Includes:

Camping site for both Friday and Saturday night, one XMR Parking Pass, and Friday night dinner.

Camping Details: 

·         Tent camping $40.00. Each site will hold two tents.

·         RV and Trailer camping $60.00.

·         Each site includes up to 4 Adults  (Kids 17 and under are FREE). Each additional adult is $10.

·         Additional vehicles will be charged the facility parking fee.

·         Outside food and drink will not be allowed outside of XMR Camping area at any time.

·         No tent or RV rentals are available.

·         Camping Package is for Friday and Saturday night, no refunds if you choose to camp 1 night.

·         All camp sites will be occupied on first come first filled basis.

·         No GLASS containers or bottles allowed on course!

·         All trash and debris must be disposed of in trash bins.

·         Underage drinking is NOT allowed.

·         Illegal drugs are NOT allowed.

·         Respect your neighbor and others around you. ZERO TOLERANCE ENFORCED.

·         No refunds will be granted if you are asked to leave the property

·         Check in hours will start Friday at 12PM

·         Check out time will be by Sunday night 6PM. 

Participants / Spectators:

The participant will need to be able to run, crawl, slither, hang, walk and tread knee to chest deep water. Oh Yah! You must be able to get muddy. Our obstacles and our courses will challenge the most fit athlete, and test the best of all around fitness. However if you are someone that is determined and has perseverance then you should be able to complete our course. Mental preparation and determination will be required.

Q. Who can participate in this event?

A. Any person that is 14 years of age or older. All persons under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent and or guardian with them.

Q. As a spectator what can I see during the event?

A. All spectators will be able to participate in the entertainment during the day. There will be a viewing area at the starting and finishing gates. Also some obstacles will allow spectators a viewing area. Spectators will be required to walk to the viewing areas.

Q. Can I bring my camera or video camera?

A. Yes you are welcome and encouraged to take photos and video.

Q. Can I come and just watch the event?

A. Yes, we encourage spectators to come out and cheer on the participants.

Q. What if I get hungry and thirsty?

A. We will have food vendors on site as well as beverages available for a cost.

Q. What should I wear?

A. You will be running, crawling, jumping, and climbing. Make sure you are dressed comfortable including proper food wear. Keep in mind you will get wet, dirty and very muddy.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Clothes to run the course, a change of clothes, a towel, pictured ID, money, friends and family.

Q. Will there be medical personnel in the event I get hurt?

A. We will have trained medical personnel on site during the event. All costs related to medical treatment will be your responsibility.

Q. Can I bring my pet with me?

A. You may bring your pet, however all pets (Including cats) must be on a 6 Foot (or shorter) leash. All pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pets and dispose of the waste properly. If a pet is being a nuisance, the pet and owner will be asked to leave without any refund.


Q. Do I need to be able to swim?

A. Ability to swim is recommended but may not be necessary. The obstacles that involve water will only be waist to chest deep.  Absolutely NO DIVING is permitted at ANY obstacle on the course for strict personal safety reasons.            

Q. How many obstacles will there be?

A. Each course will vary based on the terrain and the location. However, there will be between 15-36 obstacles either man made or natural depending on the course length you choose to run.

Q. How hard are the obstacles?

A. Our obstacles will be Xtreme! However, our obstacles are designed to challenge you but are designed in a manner that any participant can complete with the help from others. We highly encourage team work and helping each other to complete our course. You will face obstacles that will have you climbing, crawling, jumping, treading water, and getting MUDDY!


Q. What is the cost for this event?

A. The cost to register and participate is $55 - $85 per person. The rate will increase as it gets closer to the event. Be sure to sign up early to save money.

Q. Can I get a refund if I change my mind and decide not to participate in the event?

A. No! No refunds will be given. In some circumstances, we can credit the fee to another race date or transfer to another individual.

Q. Do you offer Military, Police, Fire or EMS Discounts?

A. Yes! When you register, enter the promo code of servicexmr and you will  save $10. Proper ID at the day of the event is required.  If no ID is provided, registrant must pay an additional $10. A DD-214 form will also be accepted as proof of ID for retired and discharged personnel.

Q. What is included in my registration?

A. Every participant will receive a Xtreme t-shirt, Xtreme medal, one beverage (ice cold beer*, pop or water), and free music. *All participants that receive a free beer must be 21 years of age or older. (DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. XMR wants you to DRINK RESPONSIBLY)

Q. When will I get my event information?

A. Once you register and pay, you will receive an email confirmation. Seven to ten days prior to the event, you will receive an email with updated information. When you arrive at the event, go to registration tent and pick up your race packet.

Q. Can I pick up another participants race packet?

A. No, all participants must pick up their own race packet. Each participant will be required to show a picture ID and sign our waiver in presence of event staff. All participants under age of 18 must be accompanied by their guardian and or parent. If no picture ID is available for the minor, a COPY of the Birth Certificate will be required.


Q. Where do we park?

A. Parking will be available at the event. Be sure to follow directions from parking attendant upon arrival.

Q. Does it cost to park?

A. The facility parking fee will be $20 (Cash) per car or truck.  Depending on location, parking fees may change.  If parking fees differ they will be clearly noted under the "Race & Locations" page.